Statewide Survey Reports from Previous Years:

2016 Vermont Mentoring Survey Report
(2016 Executive Summary)
2015 Vermont Mentoring Survey Report
2014 Vermont Mentoring Survey Report

Background Information

First launched in 2014, this important evaluation tool is designed to provide mentoring programs in Vermont with a way to track common data about the effects mentoring is having on youth served by their program, and to allow Mobius to track aggregate data about mentoring throughout the state.

Below you will find a toolkit, sample surveys, and some common questions answered. Please contact Mobius if you are interested in utilizing the surveys for your program.


The Vermont Mentoring Survey Toolkit

The toolkit is designed to help mentoring programs implement the surveys in a uniform and valid manner.

Click Here to Access the 2018 Survey Toolkit!


Sample Surveys

Please do not use these links to administer the surveys for your program. Each program that contacts Mobius indicating it wants to participate will receive a unique set of URLs for its surveys.

During-Match Surveys: These are the primary surveys, intended to be administered once a year, that we expect programs to use most widely

You can also access printable PDF versions of all four surveys. If you are interested in utilizing pre-match or post-match surveys, contact [email protected] for assistance.

Other Questions?

We encourage you to reach out to [email protected] if you have any additional questions that are not covered by this web page or the toolkit.