2014-2015 Vermont Mentoring Grants

Press Release – 2014-2015 Vermont Mentoring Grants

For the 2014-2015 Vermont Mentoring Grants funding cycle, Mobius granted $295,500 to agencies, school districts, and independent non-profits that manage adult-to-youth mentoring programs. This funding is supporting 100 new and existing program sites, and nearly 1,900 mentor pairs. Two grants were also made to support the planning phase of two new programs which intend to launch next year.

These grants were made through funding support from The Permanent Fund for Vermont’s Children, the A.D. Henderson Foundation, and the State of Vermont. The criteria for this year’s granting process was determined collectively by our funding partners, Mobius staff, and the Program Leadership Council.

Grant Award Recipients

New Program Planning Grants

Mentoring Agency Program Program Type # of Matches Award Amount
Orleans Southwest Supervisory Union Our Food Matters N/A N/A $4,000
VSA Vermont TBD N/A N/A $4,000

First-Year Implementation Grants

Mentoring Agency Program Program Type # of Matches Award Amount
Addison Northeast Supervisory Union Lincoln Mentors School-based 8 $9,800
*The DREAM Program Salmon Run (new site in Burlington) Community-based *See Continuing Support Grants *See Continuing Support Grants

Second-Year Implementation Grants

Mentoring Agency Program Program Type # of Matches Award Amount
Addison Northeast Supervisory Union Monkton Mentors School-based 10 $4,600
Addison Northeast Supervisory Union Mt. Abraham Union High School Mentoring Community and School-based 10 $5,000
*Everybody Wins! Vermont Vergennes and Bridport sites School-based *See Continuing Support Grants *See Continuing Support Grants

Continuing Support Grants

Mentoring Agency Program Program Type # of Matches Award Amount
Addison Northeast Supervisory Union Starksboro Mentoring Program Community and School-based 28 $7,000
Cabot Connects Mentoring Cabot Connects Mentoring Community and School-based 28 $12,000
The Collaborative The Collaborative
Mentoring Program
School-based 8 $2,000
Chittenden South Supervisory Union Connecting Youth Mentoring School-based 135 $22,000
The DREAM Program The DREAM Program Community-based 285 $25,500 (includes
first-year implementation listed above)
Essex CHIPS Essex FriendCHIPS School-based 24 $5,000
Everybody Wins! Vermont Everybody Wins! Vermont School-based 655 $51,000 (includes second-year implementation listed above)
Franklin County Caring Communities Cornerstone Mentoring, Friends for Lunch, Royal Lunch Bunch, and Watershed Mentoring Community and School-based 41 $9,000
Grand Isle County Mentoring Grand Isle County Mentoring School-based 42 $9,600
HowardCenter Community Friends Mentoring Community-based 75 $12,000
King Street Center Junior Senior Buddies Community-based 65 $10,000
The Mentor Connector See What 2 Can Do Community-based 96 $17,000
The Mentoring Project of the Upper Valley The Mentoring Project of the Upper Valley Community-based 12 $5,000
Milton Community Youth Coalition Milton Mentors Community-based 22 $8,000
Northeast Kingdom Youth Services JUMP Mentoring School-based 11 $1,000
Ottauquechee Community Partnership Mentor and Buddy Program Community and School-based 25 $6,000
South Burlington School District SB Mentoring School-based 50 $8,000
Spectrum Youth and Family Services Spectrum Mentoring Community-based 75 $14,000
Twinfield Together Mentoring Program Twinfield Together Mentoring Program Community and School-based 38 $13,000
United Counseling Service Big Brothers Big Sisters of Bennington County Community and School-based 60 $14,000
Washington Central Friends of Education Girls Boyz First Mentoring Community-based 38 $13,000
Windsor County Partners Let’s Do Lunch, and Partners Always Lend Support Community and School-based 55 $4,000


These Grants Were Designed to Fund….

  • A planning process by a committed agency or group of diverse community members for the purpose of creating a quality mentoring program.
  • The first-year implementation of new adult-to-youth mentoring programs.
  • The growth of a new program in its second year of implementation.
  • Supporting well-established quality mentoring programs that meet best practices.
  • Supporting the vision of mentoring matches continuing through high school graduation.

Criteria for Determining Grant Awards

The amount of funding requested from qualified applicants exceeded the amount of funds available. The grant committee considered the following criteria when making grant award decisions:

  • The quality of program practices: alignment with all the Vermont Core Standards for Mentoring and aiming toward implementing the National Mentoring Partnership’s Elements of Effective Practice – 3rd Edition.
  • Geographic location of program, and availability of other funding resources in the region.
  • The sustainability of the mentoring program: the diversity of revenue sources, costs per match in alignment with Vermont costs for new and established programs (program type was taken into consideration), and overall financial stability of the program and/or agency.
  • The diversity and level of engagement by the program’s advisory committee.
  • Participation in collaborative statewide initiatives and conversations.
  • Use of a quality program management system that tracks priority outcomes (use of the Vermont Mentoring Database is not required).
  • An indication that the program commits to a vision of creating mentor matches that last through high school graduation.
  • Tracking and sharing of priority data on program and youth outcomes.
  • Efficient and effective use of resources.
  • Achievement of past grant outcomes.

For full grant guidelines, please visit the Vermont Mentoring Grants page.

Eligible Funding Amounts

  • New Program Planning: $1,000-$4,000
  • First-Year Implementation: $10,000 max per program site
  • Second-Year Implementation: Typically half of first-year grant award
  • Continuing Support Grants: No limits

Grant Committee Members

Ben Doyle, Vermont Arts Council
Eddie Gale, A.D. Henderson Foundation
Paula Francis, Inspired Consultation