Vermont Mentoring Month 2017
Toolkit For Mentoring Programs

Use the tools and resources below to participate in Vermont Mentoring Month (January 2017)!

What is Mentoring Month?

National Mentoring Month 2017January is National Mentoring Month, a designated time each year to thank current mentors and recruit new volunteers. Here in Vermont, Mobius, Vermont’s Mentoring Partnership partners with mentoring programs around the state to organize local festivities and celebrate our collective efforts to develop a culture of mentoring, and provide support for young Vermonters in every corner of the state.

The theme of the national campaign is “Mentor In Real Life,” which allows mentoring supporters and mentors to talk about the real life benefits of mentoring. The messaging strategy is to position mentoring as a critical component in young people’s lives, helping them make the decisions that ultimately lead to improved opportunities and connections, benefiting them and strengthening our communities.

January 2017 marks the 15th anniversary of National Mentoring Month! This year’s campaign will reflect on the past 15 years of National Mentoring Month, real life mentoring relationships that have been formed and are thriving, and the incredible impact mentoring has had over the campaign’s lifetime.

Throughout the month of January, Mobius is partnering with Vermont mentoring programs, and supporters from the state government and local foundations, to highlight the many proven benefits mentoring provides for Vermont’s young people. These benefits include improved school and class attendance, better relationships with peers and family members, and a greater sense of connection to their schools and communities.

List of Resources:

Complimentary Materials Vermont Mentoring MonthThis toolkit will help you, as a mentoring program staff member, get started with using National Mentoring Month to promote your program! Click on any of the hyperlinks below to access the referenced file.

Complimentary Promotional Materials
Use the form linked above to sign up for free materials for your program!

Event Submission Form
Share information about your events so Mobius can promote them online!

Mentoring Events Calendar
Learn more about mentoring events happening around the state!

How to Organize a Benefit Event for Mentoring Guide
How to organize a benefit event for your mentoring program.

Social Media Guide Sheet for National Mentoring Month 2017
How to create a social media plan for your program to participate in the campaign.

How to Create and Manage a Social Media Page
Learn all the basics on how to start and manage a social media account.

Vermont Mentoring PSA

National Toolkit Page
Check out the national toolkit for more ideas and images to share!

Promote Mentoring in the Media!

Vermont Mentoring Month Statewide Press Announcements:
Mobius and Supporters to Host Mentoring Month Celebration at the Statehouse on January 18
Mobius, Governor Scott, and Other Supporters Proclaim January Mentoring Month in Vermont
(For a full recap of press coverage during National Mentoring Month, visit our Mentoring in the News page)
Media Alert Template for promoting your NMM events!
Do you have a story idea or a volunteer you would like to find a way to celebrate in a news outlet? Contact for assistance.

Images to Share On Social Media From the National Campaign:

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DR Power - Vermont Mentoring Month Sponsor 2017

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