Steve Adams* Ronni & Johnathan Arden
Dave Anderson & Dylan Gee Don & Linda Buirley
Sara Burchard Chad & Christina Butt*
Rex & Karen Butt* Alden Cadwell
David Coates Rebecca Copans
Jay & Mary Dietrich Elizabeth Dunbar
Elaine Fiske Mike Foote & Rachel Brodie
Craig Formalarie Nate Formalarie*
Alexa Hansen Jon Harris
Hector Hill Chris Howell & Christie Beveridge
Kate Keough* Pete Land & Emily Copeland
Pat & Lisa Leduc Ariane Lewis
Mike & Vicky Loner* Ian MacFarland
Jed & Janet Malcolm Terry Masterson-Spear
Judith Mayer Denise Mayer
Karen McAndrew Allen Jeffery & Lucinda McKechnie
Natalie McKechnie & Todd Mannherz The Mendell Family Fund
Lindsay Miller Montgomery & Granai
James & Judy Pizzagalli Will Raap
Jeri Regan Katherine & William Schubart
Bruce Seifer Lisa Steele
Caitlin Stroupe Jeff Szatkowski & Katelyn Rinaldi
Benji Thurber* Beverly & Ben Thurber
Edward Thurmond Susan Ward
Thomas Ward Jin & Jenn Yoon
(“*” = Sustaining Monthly Donor)  

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Permanent Fund Henderson Foundation Vermont Department of Children and Families

Mobius, Vermont’s Mentoring Partnership, is supported financially by the Vermont Department for Children and Families, the Permanent Fund for Vermont’s Children, the A.D. Henderson Foundation, and individual donors.

Local businesses also provide in-kind support through the Mobius Mentor Discount Card. This program allows mentors and mentees from Chittenden County to participate in activities at local businesses at a discounted rate.


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