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One in three of our kids will grow up without having a mentor in their lives, a caring adult outside of their family to turn to for support. Mobius, Vermont’s Mentoring Partnership supports nearly 140 adult-to-youth mentoring programs statewide, expanding their capacity and ensuring their sustainability while also helping start new programs in underserved communities. One example of this work is the program Hope and Margaret (pictured below) transitioned to in middle school.

Hope and Margaret - Mentoring Over the Years

We wanted to share with you a note we received recently from Hope’s mother Brenda: “My daughter Hope was just six when she entered into the Starksboro Mentoring Program. She was an outgoing child with few social skills. She was matched with Margaret, a worldly and educated woman. Through the years they have developed a relationship like no other that she has among her family and friends. Her mentor is a loving, caring, and guiding individual who holds a special place in her heart. Hope was anxious and fearful when she was transitioning from elementary to middle school. The thought of losing that mentoring relationship weighed heavy on her. She would have had a major hole in her heart if it had ended.

We were so pleased when Amy Johnston (the mentoring coordinator) asked if she would like to continue with Margaret in the mentoring program at Mt. Abraham Union Middle/High School. Margaret has been a blessing to us. Every child could use a mentor. Someone who has just the child’s interest at heart. Someone who doesn’t carry the family’s baggage into the relationship. Someone fun. I highly recommend mentoring and am grateful to the men and women who step forward to be mentors.”

We cannot do this life-changing work without your help. Please consider making a donation to support Mobius and youth in your community, because as Hope puts it, “every kid should have a mentor.”

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The Impact of Your Support

$100 helps Mobius add an additional business to the Mobius Mentor Discount Card, a resource that allows youth and their mentors to experience activities in their community at a reduced cost.

$250 makes one month of Vermont’s Mentoring Newsletter possible.

$500 allows Mobius to provide hands-on technical support to a mentoring program in need of assistance.

$1,000 covers the monthly cost of the Vermont Mentoring Database, a program management system that allows mentoring coordinators to track critical information about their matches.

$2,500 helps one mentoring agency complete the Quality Mentoring System process and meet nationally-recognized best practices.

$5,000 supports the start-up of a new adult-to-youth mentoring program in an underserved area of Vermont.