K-12 Mentoring Initiative

Supporting Young Vermonters from Elementary School Through High School Graduation and Beyond

Mobius believes that every young person in Vermont who wants a mentor should have that opportunity, from their early school years until they successfully enter adulthood. The K-12 Mentoring Initiative is a multi-year project, in collaboration with direct-service mentoring programs, to create the statewide infrastructure needed to turn this vision into a reality. Click on each of the section headers below for more information.


The Need


With Mobius’ support, the more than 140 adult-to-youth mentoring program sites in Vermont are making significant progress in addressing the mentoring need, as of today ensuring that around 2,300 young people are receiving the benefits of having a mentor. Still, the gap remains large. (Show More/Less)


The Barriers


There are four primary barriers preventing youth in Vermont from having the opportunity to be matched with a mentor through high school:

  1. A scarcity of mentoring programs in more rural areas of the state (such as the Northeast Kingdom)
  2. In areas that do have mentoring programs, a lack of program options for older youth
  3. In parts of the state that have programs that serve younger youth and others that serve older youth, the lack of an organized system for transitioning matches from one program to another
  4. A lack of capacity for existing programs to take on new mentees or support matches that transition from another program


The K-12 Vision


Since 2015, Mobius has been partnering with more than 20 mentoring agencies and 100 mentoring program sites that Mobius awards grant funding for to begin turning the K-12 vision into a reality. (Show More/Less)


Current and Future Goals


Over the past two years, Mobius has formalized and expanded collaborative partnerships between mentoring programs to allow mentor matches to transition from one program to another, so that mentor matches do not end simply because a young person moves or ages out of a program. In 2016-2017, Mobius expanded capacity by providing funding and support for two new high school-based mentoring programs in school districts that previously supported mentoring only through middle school. In addition, Mobius helped support specialized populations by launching a new program that works with New American youth through adolescence, and supported the second year of a program that matches adults with disabilities as mentors for high school students with disabilities. (Show More/Less)


Supporters of the K-12 Mentoring Initiative

The K-12 Mentoring Initiative is made possible through funding support from the A.D. Henderson Foundation, the Bay and Paul Foundations, the Francis T. and Louise T. Nichols Foundation, and the Permanent Fund for Vermont’s Children.

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