Become an Ambassador for Mentoring!

Sam Messer and Ricky, a Connecting Youth mentor pair at Williston Central School

Are you a mentor interested in showing others how great mentoring can be? Join other mentors from across Chittenden County in recruiting new volunteers for the local mentoring community!

From May 17 through August 17, 19 mentors from seven local mentoring programs, and nine Mobius board members are leading Mobius’ U and I are Mentors mentor recruitment campaign. These Mentor Ambassadors have pledged to recruit 150 new mentors for local children over the course of the three-month campaign. Help us reach our goal by becoming a Mentor Ambassador and sharing your mentoring experiences with friends, family, and colleagues.

Sarah Soule and her mentee Makayla, a King Street mentor pair

Three Ambassadors have volunteered to be featured in short videos with their mentees:

19 mentors and 9 Mobius board members are leading the campaign as Mentor Ambassadors:
Susie Merrick, Sarah Soule, Julia Atherton, Hillary Boone, Heather Thibault, Colleen Montgomery, Katie McAllister, Senja Kling, Heather Bromberg, Jamie Valeich, Barry Finklestein, Nicole Marshall, Becca Rimmel, Marla Wolff, Sam Smith, Mark Redmond, Sam Messer,
Mobius Board Members: Bill West, Larry Williams, Sascha Mayer, Jami Rivers, Mike Loner, Dan Smith, Helen Riehle, Bill Romond, Mint Dole, Toby Knox.

Learn more about our current Ambassadors by reading our blog post about the Mentor Ambassador program.

How to Get Involved:

Mark Redmond and Sharmarke, a mentor pair through the Boys and Girls Club of Burlington

We invite you to join us in spreading the word about mentoring.  Join Mark, Sam, Sarah, and other local mentors in recruiting new volunteers by sharing your mentoring experiences with friends, relatives, and colleagues, and directing them to our Mentor Ambassador videos.  All Ambassadors who recruit six mentors will also be eligible for a grand prize at the end of the campaign.

For more information, contact Marissa Strayer-Benton, Director of Recruitment and Program Support, at 802-658-1888 or