History of Mobius


From 2000 to 2002, Chittenden County community members, local youth mentoring programs, and the Permanent Fund for Vermont’s Children engaged in discussions about a way to address the alarming high school drop-out rate and rate of heroin use among young people in Burlington and Winooski.  After extensive study, a plan was developed to found Mobius, a regional mentoring umbrella agency that would provide support to mentoring programs by helping to expand mentoring opportunities, recruiting and supporting new volunteers, and raising awareness of the cause. Mobius, the Mentoring Movement, was officially founded in 2003.

From 2003 to 2012, Mobius dedicated its resources to supporting youth mentoring programs and volunteer mentors in Chittenden County. The number of mentor pairs in the county has grown from 350 to more than 900.  During that same time frame, according to the Vermont Youth Risk Behavior Survey, the rate of drug and alcohol use among teenagers has dropped, and teens feel more connected to adults in their community.


The Statewide Mentoring Movement

In 2011, mentoring programs and supporters from across the state convened to discuss the possibility of a statewide mentoring partnership.  The group determined that in order to effectively support Vermont mentoring programs, and expand the reach of mentoring to all corners of the state, there needed to be one unified organization. In 2012, programs, funders, and representatives from Mobius worked collaboratively on a plan to transition Mobius into serving that statewide role. Thus, in 2013, Mobius, Vermont’s Mentoring Partnership was born.

Mobius’ statewide expansion was a collaborative effort with mentoring programs and funders to provide mentoring services to all areas of the state, and to form a unified voice for the mentoring cause. The Permanent Fund for Vermont’s Children and the A.D. Henderson Foundation supported Mobius’ statewide transition by providing $150,000 towards the organization’s expansion, and grant making to new and existing mentoring programs across the state. Mobius also worked with the Vermont Department for Children and Families to administer $170,000 Vermont Mentors! grants in 2014-2015 and 2015-2016.

Mobius is now able to provide technical support, advocacy, and funding for youth mentoring programs throughout the state of Vermont. In its new role as the state mentoring partnership, Mobius provides technical support for programs and volunteers by maintaining a statewide program directory on its website, and a mentoring database that allows programs to manage their program data, and track outcomes for the youth that they serve.  Mobius will also be leading ongoing efforts to raise public awareness of mentoring throughout the state.


For more information about Mobius’ current and future services, please visit the Statewide Mentoring Goals page.

Leahy and mentors - national mentoring month in Vermont

“Mobius has done tremendous work to expand the reach of mentoring in Vermont. We know how important a mentor can be in the life of a child or young adult, and we know that an investment in mentoring is an investment in their future, and ours. I am proud to have supported the work of Mobius, and I will continue to support the continued growth of Vermont’s statewide mentoring partnerships.”
-U.S. Senator Patrick Leahy